New alloy uprights (steel stub axles) under development available soon 

New side bar clevises , can be used for shock mount brackets too as they fit around frame tube 

New design anti roll bar clevises available soon to fit 3/4 or 5/8 roll bars 

lot's of new products under development including two speed boxes for classes 5,7 & 9 and direct drive systems for V8 engines , details coming soon


DRD Racings version of needle roller bearing anti roll bar brackets (16mm roll bar) nice and simple

This kit allows you to fit our billet trumpets (available in any length ) to standard Hayabusa throttle bodies , the base plate grub screws onto the throttle bodies and then the trumpets bolt to the base plate , or a filter base plate can be sandwiched in between if required ( see third pic)

NEW    - Hayabusa trumpet kit

Billet alloy anti roll bar blades , fit 3/4" or 5/8" roll bars 

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